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of the history that there was such a sense that there was going to be violence here in washington on that day, and people who came were taking a risk. often times they were young people whose parents feared for their safety and coming to washington that day. we've heard reference to the fact that troops were surrounding the city. you may not remember, but it was held on a wednesday to ensure that people would not come and remain over any weekend, and buses came in early that morning at dawn, and the buses were lined up near to the national mall, and positioned so they could quickly exit, and all the liquor stores in town were closed, you know. the security was just incredible. the congress was gone. those people who came and who made the effort really stood out and sent a message to the nation. >> to the king, the family who have sacrificed and inspired so much, as president clinton, president carter, vice-president biden, jill, fellow americans, five decades ago today americans came to this honored place to lay claim to a promise made at our founding. we hold these truths to be self-evident.
cop secret documents which ed snowden gave to the "washington post" up in this summer. the national security agency has repeatedly read americans' e-mails and listened in on americans' phone calls. they were not terror suspects. they were not doing anything suspicious. nothing. everyday americans whose private conversations wound up in the government's hands. some cases look like simple mistakes, like entering a wrong phone number and keeping tabs on the wrong person. some cases are much more serious, like the nsa apparently ignoring a court order in one instance the agency started a new surveillance program without getting permission from the court that oversees it. the court finally did find out and ruled it unconstitutional. by then that sketchy program had been up and running for many months. of course, the court and congress are supposed to be keeping surveillance programs in check but the "washington post" reports congress and that court rarely see the sort of detailness these documents. in fact, one of them directs staffers to remove details from reports that the agency overs
in washington appearing with president obama at the 50th 50th anniversary of the mlk "i have a dream" speech, he put out a blistering statement saying it would be against international law for the president to go forward with unilateral military action in syria without the backing of the united nations and others, and then you have key lawmakers, like republican buck mckey, and the chairman of the house commitee and saying he was on the conference call and was stunned he didn't hear from the president himself, and he does not sound satisfied he got enough information about moving forward. take a listen. >> we have a letter from members of congress of over 150 signatures to the president of the united states, the commander-in-chief, saying, don't do this without bringing it to us, and getting a vote of confidence. so, i'm really disappointed in our commander in chief. he has put the nation and put himself in a very tough situation. >> that was buck mckeon. right now after the conference call with secretary kerry and others revealing last night what some of the intelligence was, we have now got an
washington exercise, that i don't like. because when somebody has worked hard for me and worked hard on behalf of the american people, and i know the quality of those people, and i see them getting slapped around in the press, for no reason, before they have even been nominated for anything, then i want to make sure that somebody is standing up for them. i felt the same way when people were attacking susan rice before she was nominated for anything. so, i tend to defend folks who i think have done a good job and don't deserve attacks. but i consider them both outstanding candidates. my main criteria -- i've stated this before but i want to repeat it -- my main criteria for the fed reserve chairman is somebody who understands they've got to dual mandate, a critical part of the job is making sure that we keep inflation in check, that our monetary policy is sound, that the dollar is sound. those are all critical components of the job, and we have seen what happens when the fed is not paying attention. we saw prior to paul voelker coming into place, inflation shooting up. in ways that re
. here's a look at the largest from arizona to washington. enough to have wildlife officials raise the alert to the highest tier for the first time in five years. this year has been bad. 33,000 fires have torched more than 5,000 square miles. that's an area almost the size of connecticut and nothing but ashes. adam housley with us. what's the latest on the huge fire in yosemite? >> one of 40 fires burning across the west. pictures that came from yosemite last night and this morning are spectacular. the good news is it's not threatening major developments. it's chewing up pristine real estate on the edge of the park, highway 120. one of the throughfares to get in and out closed down. we're told 16,000 acres have gone up in flames. there are nearly 1,000 firefighters on this fire alone. steep terrain, dry conditions, across the west we have droughtlike conditions. red flag alerts. it's been a difficult fire season but we have a long ways to go just in this fire season as this fire continues to burn. >> shepard: so many more, amd. >> yeah. in fact we have a map to throw up and give yo
.s. troops. over, the institute of the study of war here in washington says there are other options. >> this leaves us a limited standoff attack using surface ships, cruise missiles, submarines, crews missiles, and munitions from airplanes, flying below the radar and air defense system at targets inside of syria of military value. >> right now here at the pentagon, they are awaiting a decision by the president. they're standing by and i'm told they're in a watch and wait mode as we speak. >> trace: jennifer griffin live. president obama just a short time ago presented the medal of honor, our nation's highest military award for valor to an afghanistan war vet who survived a deadly assault. it happened as staff sergeant ty carter and fellow soldiers were in a remote valley surrounded by three steep mountains in nine. carter says they came under such heavy fire it was like, quote, somebody kicked an ant hill. the army reports carter filled killed enemy troupes, rendered first aid and saved a soldier pinned down. >> as dawn broke that manager, with most of the troops in the bunks, their
one of the survivors. doug is live in washington. reporter: sean manning this survivor's name. he was shot six times by major nadal hassan and was disgusted by what he read and the writings confirm this was no act of work place violence has the government termed it. >> the government has tried too deny this is an act of terrorism. i think if -- i hope that if people hear the words from hassan's own mouth, that they'll understand this was an act of terrorism. >> in one type document, hassan writes: american democracy and sharia law are incompatable there is an irreconcilable conflict in american democracy, we the people govern according to what we the people think is right or wrong even itch it goes against what almighty god commands and america's ban on cruel and unusual punishment prevents the flogging of a fornicator or receiving senior severerring the hand of thief. clearly it pears that hassan, court-martial, is making hiking case to military justice but to allah. trace? >> i guess you can also make the case he is also appealing to a broader audience here. >> an expert in isl
an eagles lodge in spokane, washington, wednesday night waiting for another friend because he did not want her to walk home alone. and that's when police say two teenagers suddenly approached the man and attacked and beat him to death. of course, this is coming a the very same week that police say three teens in oklahoma shot and killed a visiting baseball player from australia out of boredom. dan springer live in seattle. dan, what do we know about the suspects in the case of shorty? >> reporter: we're learning a lot more. this investigation is moving rapidly. i just got confirmation on the name of the suspect who was arrested last night. the public defender's office says he's 16-year-old demetrius glen. even though he's a juvenile it's almost certain he will be tried as an adult. glen and other teenager were captured by multiple surveillance cameras. there was a witness who saw the suspects running from the scene. police say they know the identity of the second suspect and were planning to release it about an hour ago at a news conference, but that conference got canceled because of a sh
pitcher gentlemen ogonzalez. the starting pitcher for the washington nationals. this one does not mention alex rodriguez. i have another one coming in right now. it's the same one i just got. so comes down to this. alex rodriguez has mucked this up for professional baseball. they tried to get this thing done last week and did everything they could to get everyone to agree to the suspensions and a-rod's people would not agree because it would be not only 50 games but next season, so more than $34 million in salary he would have to forfeit. he was been doing a rehab assignment and was asked but nevada ised and it talked about wanting to get back in the pennant race and help his teammates. take a listen. >> i can't wait to see my teammates. i feel like i can help us win. i can help us be a better team, and i haven't seen a lot of my brothers in a long time. >> i'm getting another press release right now. this coming from mlb. the players are starting to respond. gives you an idea of the negotiations. nelson cruz with the rangers says basically he is accepting the 50-game suspension. that is
the al qaeda group changed its name to the islamic state of iraq. according to the "washington post" the group has tried to win over crowds in syria, even handing out teletubies. but they're still the same group trying to gain a foothold in sierra. more than 100,000 people have died in the two-year-long civil war. jennifer, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff is in the middle east and spoke out about syria. >> general dempsey told reporters traveling with him that the u.s. is better able to differentiate and separate out the antiassad syrian factions, separating the moderate groups from the al qaeda linked groups, but what he didn't say is an estimated 17,000 foreign fighters, many of them sympathetic to al qaeda, coming from europe, have flooded into sera and those who fought for al qaeda in iraq have announced the formation of the islamic republic of iraq. there's even more concern in the wake of that prison break at the end of july in iraq in which 500 hardened iraqis were busted out of abu -- abu grain prison. >> we have been very busy with the droning in yemen. have he ki
to everybody on the road. the greatest -- his wife, daniellea, who wrote for "the washington post" described him as the greatest copy editor she ever had. i would be tracking in an he did suite and he would say jonathan, you can't say that. i would look and say you're absolutely right, mickey. he was just that kind of guy. he led everybody with the force of his personality and in the photograph you just showed when i was on my honeymoon and we met him, you can see the huge guffaw of a laugh mickey had. that's what i will remember most, his incredibly infectious personality. he was a beautiful human being. i loved mickey and i don't think anyone who met him didn't love him. >> shepard: he covered conflicts all over the world. he had a front-row seat for history in the making for three decades, yet he wasn't one to brag. a humble man you said. >> the most humble man you could meet. in our industry, you meet a lot of people who's first thing they say is when i was in kosovo or in bosnia or afghanistan, whatever it is. mickey never offered that information. he would sit quietly. if you wanted to
-- >> shepard: the washington post-released thousands of violations against innocent americans that left private conversations in the hand of our government. catherine herridge, what are we hearing on this matter from the white house if anything? >> while the white house denied any involvement in the detention of the partner, the obama administration knew about the controversial move in advance. >> there was a heads-up provided by the british government. so this is something that we had an indication was likely to occur, but it's not something we requested. and it's something that was done specifically by the british law enforcement officials. >> both the white house and state department were push today to explain whether they would get access to the compute ore storage devices, and they offered no information. the white house and state department declined to condemn the incident. >> i don't have anything more for you than i just conveyed. >> the statue miranda was held are in at the airport is used very seldomly, and is typically only used for people who are transiting through the uk and most a
/11 and was the first in washington to know there was no protest,, a senior official testified he didn't know why he was singlinged out. aides to secretary kerry said the technical term was breach of duty and he and the review board which recommended these being place odd lead, both concluded their actions or enact did not rise to that level. >> clearly the accountability review board indicate thread were deficiencies. clearly things could have been better. that's obvious to everybody who followed this. but we have to let the facts lead where they may and these are people with real lives and real careers and we can't j actt warranted against them just to make us all feel better. >> nothing more than what we knew, other than there were systemic recommendations that should have been made years ago that this boardstumbleed upon. the state department says they're being re-assigned to jobs that are, quote, best suited to their capables. >> shepard: the obama administration asked a court to allow employs to search your cell phone without a warrant. the police arrested a massachusetts man in '07. man they
the president gets back to washington in addition to those international crisis there's some big budget battles looming. >> what are we getting from republicans on this, ed? >> reporter: well, what he specifically, the president talked about on higher education was that ranking system i mentioned for colleges and universities. tie federal financial aid payments to these colleges based on whether they lower tuition costs and other performance measures. republican john klein of minnesota he chairs the house education committee said there were some good parts of this speech but went on the say i remain concerned that imposing an arbitrary college ranking system could cure until the very innovation we hope to encourage, and even lead to federal price control. >> he almost made it. blurry guy now frozen much like the nasdaq. you never looked so good, ed. that face you got to work on that. nice to see you pal or some of you. anyway the accused fort hoodsho like his defense, nothing. moments ago the jurors got the case. a live report coming up. >>> jury deliberations began in the trial of the accused
from getting guns. doug is live in washington. explain more about the plan. what is going to happen here? >> trace, it's a way for the administration to circumvent the lack of legislative well for more gun control by doing it through executive action. the first of the two new proposed regulations would end the policy where military weapons sold or handed over to u.s. allies abroad, are then reimported back into the u.s. by private sellers. the second proposed regulation would keep people who cannot pass a background check from circumventing the law by registering certain guns to a corporation or a trust. it would do so by requiring people associated with those trusts to be fingerprinted and to undergo background checks just as individuals seeking guns are required to do. >> it's simple, straightforward, common sense. it's going to help ensure the machine gucks and other particularly dangerous weapons don't end up in the hands of those who as a matter of law are not entitled. >> the new proposed rules require the standard 90-day comment period before the rule is finalized. trace. >>
and the homeland security law at the center for national policy in washington. a very long title. the postal service is critical to our economy. delivering mail, medicine and packages, yet they're closing thousands of offices, slashing service and want to layoff over 100,000 workers. the postal service is recording financial losses, but not for reasons you might think. the problem? a burden no other agency or company bears. a 2006 law that drains $5 billion a year from post office revenue while the postal service is forced to overpay billions more into federal accounts. congress created this problem, and congress can fix it. it's not a candy bar. 130 calories 7 grams of protein the fiber one caramel nut protein bar. >> shepard: just about eight minutes before the hour now. a few seconds away and we are style -- there's some degree of concern what is happening in yemen. americans have been told evacuate from the country. there are indications of a specific terror plot according to authorities, and indications that americans don't need to be there. so, what do we have here? captain glen is wit
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)